logistics support of the modcat aluminium catamaran platform

Our Advantage

Our MODCAT's are constructed from 5000 Series Marine Grade Aluminium and are specifically designed, and engineered for Purpose.


Aluminium allows for less weight while increasing strength, safety, payload and durability.


Our business case is based on a Total Cost of Ownership model and provides the following undeniable cost and performance benefits. 



Most boat builders can provide an alloy vessel for about the same cost as one in steel provided painting of the hull is not required, other than below the waterline.


The problem encountered by almost all small vessel fleet owners or prospective marine operators is that Design costs, Safety Certification, Classification and Operator licensing costs, among others, and the associated risks they pose, are often only discovered when it is too late?


Before making a decision consider this...


  • Reduced Design, Certification and Class requirement costs due to the utilization of a standard, proven and reliable platform.
  • Reduced Delivery costs related to applicable Import Duties as local construction is possible and easily proven.
  • Reduced Freight and Rigging costs - approximately 60% less than conventional fixed hull platforms.
  • Reduced Fit-out costs - clients can conclude their own with their local infrastructure and existing OEM equipment such as motors and deck furnishings & fittings.
  • Reduced Business risk and Insurance premium costs.


  • Platforms can be disassembled at site and simply moved to a new site in a standard ISO Container or stored securely for when needed again.


  • Clients are in a position to extend their platform's hull and deck areas of this vessel, by acquiring additional Sponson and Deck Modules, to lengthen their vessel, as and when required.

SUPERstructure and 

fit-out options

  • Choose from a selection of existing Superstructure designs, internal GA's and a comprehensive list of OEM deck equipment and fittings to suit the specific operational requirements.


  • Factually, Aluminium beats GRP and Steel equivalents between 40% and 60% respectively, which in a larger vessel will permit lighter displacement, a smaller engine, and greater range.

Logistics Cost benifits

  • MODCATS can be supplied as integrated modules, allowing for shipping from our works to site in standard ISO containers or trucks.

versatility and durability

  • By simply increasing the standard modules construction plate thickness, and either increasing or reducing bulkheads, frames and stringer spacing intervals, the Modules can be engineered infinitely to suit the operational requirements.

Propulsion options

  • Our Sponson modules cater for Inboard and Outboard Options, including Jets, Sterndrives and hydraulic drive options.


  • The design provides exceptional structural integrity, with no compromise in materials or welding standards for vessels in this classification. Propriety design features include our deck and Sponson subassembly mountings, which were verified against exhaustive stress, and strength analysis.
  • An aluminium structure can be made with much larger scantlings and still be much lighter than a similar structure in steel, or GRP. In simple terms, Aluminium is structurally more "efficient" than steel.


As an example, a MODCAT OPL Platform, after being inverted for over 48 hours remained afloat with two 5 ton mooring blocks secured to the deck and needed only minor electrical repairs to resume service within a week.


  • MODCAT's are provided with surfaces that are not painted and therefore need minimal maintenance with repairs to Sponsons easily done in remote locations using replacement panels which are available directly from our factory, cut to size and as ready to weld.


  • As they are catamarans, MODCATS need modest horsepower to achieve maximum fuel efficiency during operation, which by implication, prolongs the vessels propulsion’s service lifecycle, and reduces maintenance costs.


  • As they are catamarans, MODCATS need modest horsepower to achieve maximum fuel efficiency during operation, which by implication, prolongs the vessels propulsion’s service lifecycle, and reduces maintenance costs.


  • Due to Africa’s current Rescue facilities available to inland water traffic our vessels are designed and constructed in light weight MGA to be unsinkable based on the inclusion of buoyancy cells incorporated in each of the MODCAT’S eight independent watertight compartments.

Resale value

  • Aluminium boats have a much higher resale value than a steel boats, further enhancing the original acquisition cost after the MODCAT’s extended service lifespan has reached its conclusion.

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