showing off the MODCATs low logistics footprint capable of rapid redeployment

Delivery Logistics

MODCAT offers a Supply and Delivery Logistics solutions to get your MODCAT where you need it in the shortest possible time.

Modular construction, lead time and delivery process to your launch site

  • Upon selection of a platform and final yard confirmation of instructions and signing off the paperwork the following is possible.
  • Delivery options range from EXW to DDP and we can advise the most cost effective options and urge clients to consider all the associated costs to be incurred to get their vessel operational. 

Lead time

  • Depending on our Sponson stock availability the following are indicative of expected lead times.
  • With available Sponsons a lead time of 1 month for a SD unit while two months is expected for a DD unit based on final OEM equipment selections.
  • If we are required to build from scratch - lead times of 2 and 3 months is anticipated.
  • These timeframes include full fit out and propulsion installation and are based on unpainted platforms. 


  • We assist our clients by tailoring a freight solution from our works to their launch site and can include attendance on site for assembly and commissioning to client requirements.
  • These platforms once completed at our yard, allows for disassembly, loading and shipping to our clients site by utilizing standard ISO containers, or normal load trucking contractors. 

assembly and launching

  • We can assist with site based technical oversight during assembly or provide a full team to conclude these preliminaries prior to launch.
  • On average, accommodation and associated costs for 3 – 5 days on site should be anticipated for a crew of 2 persons.

Practical site based ISO workshop modules

  • MODCAT's can be supported by customized workshop housings, which are fitted out according to client specification at our works during the construction process.

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