Remote Service Units

Sloane Marine Limitedfounded by Captain Nick Sloane, is our nominated global SML 1200 distributor with its own Oil and Gas – Salvage platform solution based on a standard Modcat 1200 design with appropriate deck equipment.


The SML 1200 design incorporates the associated build and class certification requirements for this sector of the industry and as such incorporates these requirements upon request which effects the cost. 


During set-up it was confirmed that these SML 1200 platforms would need Rapid Response Capability and be capable of operating at sites where there could be zero infrastructure or services available when covering Oil Spills, wreck salvage work projects etc. It was decided that we could utilize the shipping containers for storage and once launched these could provide an independent site facility for shore based which could include a workshop and office layout.

SML Designated Supply Point – DSP 600

Remote Service Unit 600

The SML DSP 600 (Designated Service Point) is a 6-Meter-High Cube Side Access Container engineered to provide its owners with the following functions.


  • SML 1200 Platform Wheelhouse Storage.
  • Engine Storage and Service Racks (Outboard options).
  • Fully functional control and communications office.
  • Spares and Tool Storage facility.
  • 220v Power Supply Hub.
  • Site lighting and Security systems.
  • Crane and Deck Equipment Storage and service point.
  • Secure storage of HP washers, Spill containment materials.
  • Secure Dry Storage and reusable shipping.

When not in use the units are serviced along with its contents, inspected and securely stored with its alarm activated when hooked up to a simple 230V shore supply.

SML Mod-tainer – MT1200

Remote Service Unit 600

The Mod-Tainer is specifically laid out and designed to accommodate a SML 1200 SD platform, its accessories and services for storage, shipping and site operations.

The SML 1200 Mod-Tainer standard High Cube shipping container that has been engineered to provide the following core functions to its owners:


  • Storage of the Sponsons, deck assembly and accessories when not in use,
  • Secure Stores, sheltered working area when the SML 1200 is deployed,
  • Services such as Water connections and Power points for use once deployed allowing activities such as:
  • HP Water Jetting Bay,
  • Oil Separation,
  • Fuel storage,
  • Secure Workshop with welding facilities,
  • Shore Power or DSP Power Hook-up and Distribution.

The primary function of the Mod-Tainer is the ability to deploy, use, recover and store the client’s vessel from any designated geographic storage point. 

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