Marine Medical Services

We were approached by the OFT Projects Consulting Team on behalf of the World Health Organization and various African NGO’s (Non-Governmental Organization) to provide a Marine based Modular Medical Solution.


The Solution required was to provide a platform for delivering critical medical services, provisions and Healthcare Teams to remote river based communities where road and medical services access was minimal.


Currently the majority of the clients existing clinic outposts are no longer functional and upgrading or repairing them is not possible due to road access and seasonal flooding.


Primary needs identified are Clean WaterSite Power, Access to Medical Supplies and Basic Medical testing and screening for TB, Malaria, Pregnancy, Aids etc...


We are requested to focus on a Mothership - Clinic, a Logistics Replenishment Vessel and a Fast Advanced Life support Ambulance vessel.


The vessels supplied would also require a remote workshop service facility that could be relocated during the dry or wet seasons or closer to the Clinic vessel operational areas.

These will need to form the basis for a well-supplied logistics solution and training and mentoring of the maintenance teams were also a consideration.

Original End User Requirements

The OFTP Team provided the following User Specification (Abridged)


Due to the access road conditions, and the limited available freight options, the vessel has to be fabricated in a knock-down format for ease of transport to the assembly site.


As large as possible based on access to launch sites.


Due to the shallow depth of the rivers and the lack of landing facilities on the shore, the vessel is required to beach and to operate in depths of 0,5 meters of water. The Vessel is required to operate at night when required.


Outboard Powered, Diesel or Petrol, Provision for Propulsion redundancy and ease of repair and maintenance.


Fuel Efficiency and Range is critical due to the distances of travel between the proposed refuelling points.

Onboard Accommodation

8 medical personnel and 2 crew members for 45-day excursion windows.

Accommodation module construction materials

Insulated upper and lower deck structure to be constructed from PUR Panels


Stable Electrical supply (AC and DC current)


A stable work platform is required for performing medical procedures and examinations. 


The Clinic Vessel must include a reception area, consulting rooms, surgery, storage, accommodation, galley, ablutions and accommodate sterile medical functionality.


Suitable boarding access for patients off Bow and Side Jetty Access.


Temperature efficient rooms, Air-Conditioned Surgery and medical storage areas.

Medical Equipment Fit-out

The client advised that they would free issue and we would fit-out the medical equipment requirements with their Medical Sponsor who would commission and train medical teams on site.

As such the client required a marine vessel solution to cover the following applications: Marine Clinic Vessel Facility - Fast Advanced Life Support Boat - Marine Cargo Platform for Supply Deliveries or Services  



We were able to use an existing design which was in the budget range proposed. We are proposing the following solution to our client:

Clinical vessel selection

platform Selected


propulsion Selected

2 x 150 HP 4 Stroke Motors.  

power system

  • A super silent marine 8 kVA diesel power generator supplying 220V will be provided. The generator will be housed below deck supplying power for lighting throughout as well as air-conditioning, fridge, freezer and AC outlets. 
  • A 12V house-bank battery supply will be connected to an inverter capable of battery charging and battery management, providing emergency back-up 12V DC for lighting and the fridge/freezer.  

Safety Standards

  • The vessel was equipped as required to comply with SAMSA - Category R Safety Rules.

Boarding Access Offered

  • Boarding ramp located on the bow for access from river banks.
  • Boarding access would be off the side of the vessel for when jetties are available.


  • Shower and Toilet modules with hand basins are serviced by fresh water pumps and delivery points replenished through rated RO filtration and purification systems on-board. 


  • Our standard cabin construction uses 5083 marine grade sheeting and two tubular inner frame supports. It is fitted with marine standard safety glass.

Crew Facilities - Upper Deck

  • 8 Serviced Crew and Medical Team cabins.
  • Galley. 
  • Storage and Recreational area. 
  • Aft deck lounge.

Medical Rooms - Lower Deck

This vessel has a design GA layout as shown above which incorporates:

  • 3 consulting rooms.
  • 1 surgery-examination room.
  • 1 Dispensary and storage room.
  • 1 Vaccination - Recovery room. 
  • Staff kitchen and Guest Toilets. 

Ambulance Vessel - Fals Boat Selection

The FALS boat is to be equipped with basic patient transfer and life support functions to transport patients to and from the Clinic vessel. 


  • Design: KF 750 Cuddy Cabin Design – KFX Medical design.
  • Propulsion: 2 x 100 HP, 4-stroke motors.

Medical Cargo Vessel (Proposed)

The proposed Cargo platform is based on our Standard MODCAT Aquafarmer design and will be anointed with a Forward Helm position and bow ramp.


  • Design: MODCAT 1200 SD.
  • Propulsion: 2 x 100 HP, 4-stroke motors.

Logistics and Cost Benefits 

  • All units listed above are constructed in knock-down form, to be loaded in 4 x 12m high cube containers and can be road transported to a suitable launch site. 
  • A remote Service Point is also provided with remote fuel stations.
  • Our shipping envelope being a normal roadway load do not require an abnormal vehicle escort and other costs associated with abnormal load shipping, thereby substantially reducing total transport time and costs.
  • Minimal Cranage and site infrastructure is required for the assembly at the launch site and only 10 days are required on site, which reduces accommodation and labour costs.

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