MODCAT Catamarans and Barges are constructed by our Legacy Marine yard, based in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

Legacy Marine, since 2004, specialises in the design and construction of innovative and high-quality aluminium Marine Solutions.

MODCAT sales and distribution are managed from our headquarters in South Africa who also make available our T-Craft, Legacy Cat and original design vessels.

MODCAT has service and distribution partners based in South Africa, Mozambique, Zambia, Nigeria, Namibia, Kenya, Malawi, Australia and North America.

Feel free to contact us to find a cost effective solution anywhere on the Globe.

Press Release: 

We are honored to be associated with Legacy Marine Group and our sister company, LegacyCats, and congratulate all involved on the successful launch of their Dive Support Vessel.


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The initial prototype Modular Platform was developed by Gerry van Niekerk and Pieter van Heerden, resulting in the initial 6-meter platform, being launched to Zambia during 2005.

The vessels were provided as a safe option for passengers in remote areas where there was limited, or no rescue services to cover commercial marine operators.

The immediate success of these platforms evolved to our standard 6 and 12 meter platforms which provides clients with solutions towards the 24 meter LOA mark.




MODCATS display the characteristics of a catamaran, needing modest horsepower, while carrying high payload in shallow water operating conditions with stability.

The Sponson design incorporates vectored planing surfaces which allow the vessel to operate efficiently under load at lower speeds which effects fuel efficiency, and service costs.

The design has been subjected to exhaustive offshore testing and has achieved proven reliability, safety and durability.

MODCATS operate efficiently with Outboard or Inboard propulsion options , while leaving a very low wake footprint for operations in environmentally sensitive areas.


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MODCATS are specifically designed to save weight, and deliver on strength and durability, and come in these primary sizes.

  • MODCAT 600 LOA      5800 mm 
  • MODCAT 900 LOA      9000 mm 
  • MODCAT 1200 LOA    11800 mm 
  • MODCAT 1500 LOA    15000 mm 
  • MODCAT 1800 LOA    18000 mm 
  • MODCAT 2400 LOA    24000 mm  

Standard MODCAT Sponsons and deck assemblies are all compatible allowing our clients to retro, or refit vessels by simple upgrade procedures on site. 




Our Yard also design and incorporate above deck structures, which can be securely mounted onto the platform to meet client’s requirements.

Items such as Safety Railing, Passenger Seating, Bar etc. are costed according to client preference.


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Our designs have passed the stringent requirements of the South African Maritime Safety Authority (SAMSA) ensuring they are suitable for Commercial use and Passenger Transportation.

Our platforms are operational in both inland and offshore applications and can be build to Class society regulations, if, and when required.

Both Sponsons are divided into four watertight compartments and contain sufficient buoyancy material, to ensure the vessel stays afloat should either suffer collision impacts.

Additionally, each of the 8 watertight compartments is additionally fitted with a 600 GPH automatic bilge pump units centrally controlled from the wheelhouse. 


Please review our Questions section hosted on our website, or contact us should you wish to know more about our products and services.