MODCAT Catamarans and Barges are constructed by our Legacy Marine yard, based in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

Legacy Marine, since 2004, specialises in the design and construction of innovative and high-quality aluminium Marine Solutions.

MODCAT sales and distribution are managed from our headquarters in South Africa who also make available our T-Craft, Legacy Cat and original design vessels.

MODCAT has service and distribution partners based in South Africa, Mozambique, Zambia, Nigeria, Namibia, Kenya, Malawi, Australia and North America.

Feel free to contact us to find a cost effective solution anywhere on the Globe.

Press Release: 

We are honored to be associated with Legacy Marine Group and our sister company, LegacyCats, and congratulate all involved on the successful launch of their Dive Support Vessel.

MODCAT Superstructures

modcat available superstructures 1




  • Workboat 
  • Accommodation
  • Passenger Transport 
  • Tourist and Game Viewing 
  • Cargo Platforms Layouts
  • Environmental and Salvage 
  • Aquacultural Layouts




Our standard MODCAT designs, when assembled on site, provides a ready to use main deck which can be used as supplied or enclosed for crew and passenger comfort.

Our clients can select a existing structure or request a new design superstructure from our Manufacturing plant which can be supplied with their Modcat modules.

Before the MODCAT modules are constructed, the client has access to a variety of Superstructure designs to house the required steering, propulsion, bilge pump, marine instrumentation, marine radios, entertainment systems, and deck equipment controls.

These are married to the MODCAT by means of hard points, which are added to the Sponsons, Pontoons, deck assembly and deck plating once the layout and deck equipment is selected.

Our Marine Yard is in a position to design and incorporate above deck structures that can be securely mounted onto the MODCAT to meet our client’s requirements. 




MODCATS are available in single and twin deck options.

Twin Deck options include an aluminium non-slip stairway to provide access for crew and passengers between the main and upper decks.

We can provide advice and assistance prior to compiling construction drawings for individual client superstructure requirements.




MODCAT owners have the option to fit out their MODCAT according to their Budget and preference.

This can be done, either at our works, or personally once assembled prior to the vessel being launched. 




We have a comprehensive selection of Concept designs available to clients utilizing a standard MODCAT platform solution.

These can be concluded at a cost that can be included in the clients total package cost once the scope required has been clarified.


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