MODCAT Catamarans and Barges are constructed by our Legacy Marine yard, based in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

Legacy Marine, since 2004, specialises in the design and construction of innovative and high-quality aluminium Marine Solutions.

MODCAT sales and distribution are managed from our headquarters in South Africa who also make available our T-Craft, Legacy Cat and original design vessels.

MODCAT has service and distribution partners based in South Africa, Mozambique, Zambia, Nigeria, Namibia, Kenya, Malawi, Australia and North America.

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Press Release: 

We are honored to be associated with Legacy Marine Group and our sister company, LegacyCats, and congratulate all involved on the successful launch of their Dive Support Vessel.







We were approached to design and construct a Passenger Ferry capable of carrying the maximum number of paying passengers between Monkey Bay and Mlowe on Lake Malawi, Africa within their budget.

The vessel had to be fabricated in a knock-down format for ease of transport to the assembly site at Chipoka.

This was due to the access road conditions and available freight options.

Fuel efficiency and range was critical due to the distances of travel between the proposed refuelling points and they required navigational and ship to shore VHF capabilities.

We had to provide a 220 v Electricity supply to power Fridge and Freezer units carrying supplies.

Collapsible weather protection for passenger comfort was requested andon-board male and female ablutions.

The lack of landing facilities on the shore required the vessel to be able to beach and to operate in depths of 0,5 meters of water and they needed to operate at night when required.

Additionally a small rugged tender boat was required to transport crew from shore to the trot mooring site.

The speed requirement was to cruise economically between 10 - 15 Knots, subject to sea states.




We were able to use an existing design which was in the budget range proposed and provide the following solution to our client.

The design selected was built directly off existing engineering drawings and was constructed within 2 months.

  • Modcat Propulsion Selected: 2 x 150 HP Mercury 4 Stroke Motors.

The propulsion units were fitted at our works and set-up at the launch site.

  • Tender Boat Selected: A T-Craft AG480 Enduro was selected powered by a 15 Hp Yamaha outboard engine. The propulsion unit was fitted at our works and set-up at the launch site.



  • The vessel was certified to carry up to 79 Passengers All seating units were manufactured and supplied by our Yard as requested by the client.
  • Weather protected seating arrangements were set out with 49 passengers on the bottom deck and 30 on the upper deck. 




  • After sea trails a range of 200 nm at 12 knots was established with a Fuel capacity of 400 litres.




  • The vessel was equipped as required to comply with SAMSA - Category R Safety Rules.



  • Two toilet modules with hand basins and a 400 litre black water tank with voiding pump was fitted.
  • Fresh water pumps and delivery points were also included for use.



  • The entire vessel was signed off at our works and then disassembled and loaded on a 13m Tri-Axle Link truck and transported by road directly to Chipoka which was the closest launch site from its home port on the lake over 3000 kilometres away.
  • The trip took 48 hours. 




  • Offloading and assembly was assisted by the use of a 15-ton mobile crane which was available on site, power and water were also readily available.




  • Assembly by a team of 2 Legacy Marine Technicians and local labour took 4 days from start to sea-trials.



  • Upon request we arranged commissioning and crew training on the delivery voyage from the launch site at Chipoka to Monkey Bay.
  • Instrument calibration, Range and Performance was further tested by running from Monkey Bay to Nkhata during handover.



  • Cruising Speeds achieved with a full load and 25% fuel reserve.
  • At 2900 RPM the Total fuel burn was 18 lt per hr with a Range 200nm @ 12 knots,
  • Sprint Speeds achieved with a full load and 25% fuel reserve
  • At 5000 RPM the vessel achieved 18 Knots



  • Our shipping envelope being a normal roadway load did not require an abnormal vehicle escort and the other costs associated with abnormal load shipping, thereby substantially reducing total transport time and costs.
  • The actual freight Costs to site were minimal.
  • On-Site Contractor Costs were zero with available cranage at launch site and only 4 days required on site which reduced accommodation and labour costs.


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