MODCAT Catamarans and Barges are constructed by our Legacy Marine yard, based in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

Legacy Marine, since 2004, specialises in the design and construction of innovative and high-quality aluminium Marine Solutions.

MODCAT sales and distribution are managed from our headquarters in South Africa who also make available our T-Craft, Legacy Cat and original design vessels.

MODCAT has service and distribution partners based in South Africa, Mozambique, Zambia, Nigeria, Namibia, Kenya, Malawi, Australia and North America.

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Press Release: 

We are honored to be associated with Legacy Marine Group and our sister company, LegacyCats, and congratulate all involved on the successful launch of their Dive Support Vessel.

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Our Modcat 1200 SD Cargo platform, is a standard build concluded for the following application profile, which is based on an actual build. It is not regarded as exhaustive and is provided as a means of providing prospective clients with a practical case study to work from. 



We were approached to design and construct an Off Port Limits supply solution requiring the maximum available deck space for cargo transportation and general workboat contracts in Walvis Bay, Namibia.

The client had a very limited budget but already had most of their OEM equipment requirements on site and was well established in the area.

The vessel needed to be capable to carry up to 9 tons of cargo in various sea states on each OPL trip.

The vessels primary operational objective was to transport fresh water and supplies to vessels laying in the anchorage and to transfer and transport garbage back to shore.

Additional functions required was the potential of using the vessel as a work platform for civil work and mooring laying etc...

The client wanted a standard platform that they could fit-out and reduce all applicable manufacturing, labour and associated delivery and registration costs.  



We were able to supply an existing Modcat 1200 design from stock which was in the budget range proposed and provide the following solution to our client.

The client did his own assembly, fit out and mounting of motors on site and had safety certification and licensing done in Namibia.

Modcat Platform Selected: MODCAT 1200 SD -  Standard Cargo HDB Supplied.

We supplied the Hull, Deck and Bulkheads fitted with built in buoyancy, non-slip decks and a starboard Cargo safety rail. 

Propulsion Selected: 2 Pre-owned 100 HP Yamaha 4 Stroke Motors were fitted by the client equipped with dual hydraulic steering.



  • The client concluded his own vessel registration and operates as an OPL platform in Namibia.



  • The client procured and supplied his own safety equipment.



  • The vessel was transported on a single 12-meter flatbed truck directly from our yard in Port Elizabeth to Walvis bay at a minimal standard load tariff.  



  • Client performed their own assembly easily on site.



  • Client performed their own sea-trials and commissioning program.



  • The client arranged his own transport, propulsion, safety equipment, painting and assembly of the vessel saving external costs and achieved his desired end result according to a modest budget.
  • They also manufactured their own superstructure and fitted the platform with railings, practical fendering and deck equipment to suit their operation inexpensively.
  • The vessels versatility and immediate availability made the platform perform far better commercially than originally expected.
  • The vessel safely provided a better Payload than anticipated, thus creating a higher income yield per trip. 


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