MODCAT Catamarans and Barges are constructed by our Legacy Marine yard, based in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

Legacy Marine, since 2004, specialises in the design and construction of innovative and high-quality aluminium Marine Solutions.

MODCAT sales and distribution are managed from our headquarters in South Africa who also make available our T-Craft, Legacy Cat and original design vessels.

MODCAT has service and distribution partners based in South Africa, Mozambique, Zambia, Nigeria, Namibia, Kenya, Malawi, Australia and North America.

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Press Release: 

We are honored to be associated with Legacy Marine Group and our sister company, LegacyCats, and congratulate all involved on the successful launch of their Dive Support Vessel.

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Our SML 1200 SD Oil and Gas platform is a standard build, concluded for the following application profile which is based on an actual build. It is not regarded as exhaustive, and is provided as a means of providing prospective clients with a practical case study to work from.



We were approached by a Civils contracting company based in Johannesburg to design and construct a vessel with maximum deck space to be used for civil works, dredging and piling works on a project in the East London Harbour area, South Africa. The vessel had to be capable of being easily deployed to any other site once the contract had been concluded.

The vessel was required to carry at least 5 tons of deck cargo with only a simple T-top shade awning over the vessels’ instrumentation console being required.

A lifting crane base was required to be built into the vessel which would also require a 4-point anchoring system with manual mooring winches and suitable mud holding anchors.

Heavy duty lash-down points built into the deck for securing equipment and cargo were also stipulated as requirements.

SAMSA Category D safety certification was required for 8 crew.




We were able to use an existing design which was in the client’s budget range and provide the following solution to our client.

The design selected was built directly off existing engineering drawings and was constructed within 2 months.

  • Modcat Propulsion Selected : 2 x 115 hp Yamaha Enduro motors with dual hydraulic steering.




  • Stand-alone starboard mounted console with stowage seat and T top shade cover.
  • Mast for visual day shapes and NUC navigation lights.
  • Drop in cable railings.
  • Integrated lifting lugs and fender attachment cleats provided along the sides.
  • HD welded lash down points built into the length of the deck.
  • Maximum open deck space with built in tie-down points
  • Reinforced deck with internal supports welded in place for the crane mounting.
  • Removable cable railing with sanctions that drop into receiving slots and are held in place with latching hooks. 




  • 4 Anchor boxes one in each quarter
  • 4 manual Capstan winches – one on each anchor box
  • Hook on dive ladder.
  • Set of navigation lights, VHF radio and Safety equipment for 8 crew.




  • After sea trials a range of 50 nm at 12 Knots was established with a Fuel Capacity of 4 x 25 carry-on tanks.




  • Safety equipment required for an 8-man crew satisfying SAMSA Category D regulations for vessels operating less than 5 nm off-shore.
  • Positioning equipment, VHF radios and other required electronics were fitting to client specification.




  • The vessel was transported to East London by Truck and assembled and launched by a Legacy Marine team at the East London Harbour.
  • Transport, Assembly and Commissioning took one day.




  • Offloading, assembly and launching was assisted by utilising an onsite 45-ton harbour crane.




  • Assembly by 2 Legacy Marine Technicians and 2 local casual labourers took 1 day from start to sea-trials.




  • Commissioning and crew orientation took place in the confines of the East London Harbour
  • Instrument calibration, Range and Performance was further tested within the harbour.




  • With the 2 x 115 hp motors - a light ship sprint speed of 18 Knots was achieved.
  • Cruising at 3000rpm the vessel consumed 23 l/h per motor @ 12 Knots
  • Upon conclusion of the mandatory Stability tests by SAMSA the vessel is certified to carry up to 10-tons of deck cargo.




  • Shipping required only a single 12-meter container.
  • On-Site Contractor Costs were minimal and only 1 day was required on site which reduced accommodation and labour costs.


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