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The MOD-BARGE is the natural evolution of the MODCAT Range and is a combination of portable, interlocking modular barges and auxiliary attachments, which are used in inland marine, port, river, dam and inshore waters for heavy-construction and Engineering applications.

Constructed in Marine Grade Aluminium these platforms are light, durable, shallow drafted and provide unsurpassed payload capacity due to their construction and design.

Mod-Barges are sectional barge modules which are portable and are specifically designed for road transport by standard highway trucks and trailers or ISO Containers. The MOD-BARGE is capable of supporting all types of heavy loads in areas that are practically or economically inaccessible to conventional platforms.

They are available as Dumb Barge Platforms or in specific self-propelled configurations.






MOD-BARGES are specifically designed to save weight, and deliver on strength and durability, and are available in the following primary sizes:

  • MOD-BARGE 600 - LOA 5800 mm
  • MOD-BARGE 900 - LOA 9000 mm
  • MODCAT 1200 - LOA 11800mm
  • MODCAT 1800 - LOA 18000mm


Standard Pontoon and Deck Assemblies are all compatible allowing our clients to retro, or refit vessels by simple bolt on procedures on site. The unique modular design can provide floatation requirements to international certification standards with regard to stability and buoyancy.


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